A little Magnus/Belle gif fic for midgardian-hero.

The desk was a mess with crime scene photographs, empty Styrofoam cups and half eaten takeaways when Belle French, the newest transfer at the police department, stepped into Magnus’ office.  She noticed him by the window, rubbing his temple, as she set the file he’d requested down atop the desk.

When he let out a sigh, she offered a half-joking, “Maybe if your desk was organized a lead would jump out at you.”

She heard him sigh, and when she finally looked up at him he let out an exasperated, “I doubt that will help, French.”

His remark was followed by a small smile at the corner of his mouth.  She smiled back, collected the Styrofoam cups and left the room.

A short time later, Belle was standing atop a foot stool in front of the bookshelf in one of the back rooms, looking for a book Wallander had sent her on a mission to retrieve when she heard Magnus’ footsteps coming down the corridor.

When he was in the room, Magnus let out a low groan.

"I did it.  I tidied my desk and nothing happened."

Belle picked out the book for Wallander.  “Well,” she began, looking over her shoulder at Magnus, “What do you expect when you’re back here talking with me instead of looking over the evidence?”

He waved his hand at her, “It’s your suggestion; I knew it wouldn’t work.”

Belle turned back to the shelf with a roll of her eyes.  “At least your desk is tidy now,” she remarked, carefully stepping down off the foot stool.  She turned around, only for her breath to catch when she noticed Magnus was now standing a lot closer to her.

"Maybe when you’ve given that book to Wallander, you could help me look over the evidence?  You might catch something I’ve missed," he said, searching her eyes.

Belle swallowed, “Sure,” she murmured.  “After I.. get this book to Wallander.”

Magnus nodded, then stepped aside to let her past.

She held his gaze for a beat longer, murmured, “Thank you” and stepped past him.

"You’re quite welcome, Belle," she heard him say as she headed for the door.

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