Ok the edits have been reblogged.  I’m gonna go have dinner, then do some reply catching up while a new movie comes down.

I thought I should say so now, tomorrow I will be reblogging as many pictures as I can find of my Grandma’s favourite bird, as tomorrow is her funeral and cremation services and I wanna make my blog be all about those birds in honor of her.

Before I get started I’ll let you know what tag I’ll be using so you can avoid the picspam if you so wish or need to.

But that’s tomorrow.

I shall be back here later to picspam more Rumbelle, though non-spoilery pics.

darthstoneheart replied to your post: I’ve just had a really emotional after…


*hugs back*  Thank you my friend.


Rumbelle honeymoon!

I just couldn’t resist.

Blame Emilie ! 


Rumbelle Honeymoon :)


For the way a fast uvu

I’ve just had a really emotional afternoon, so forgive me for doing so but I’m just gonna go ahead and reblog every edit I see of that new Rumbelle pic.

I’m tagging #rumbelle for the uninterested (for your blacklist app).

Everyone to twitter!!! Everyone go tweet Adam how excited we are for Rumbelle in Season 4

— Anonymous


You heard the anon, guys!

aaaand done!

now it’s your turn, gang!  Make sure to tag #rumbelle

I didn’t “miss” that other picture from season three that Emilie took, I purposefully just included three.  One per season.  Because otherwise the tally would’ve been uneven and that?  That would have annoyed me endlessly.

Things should always be even.

Bts pictures of Rumbelle from Emilie de Ravin during seasons 2, 3 & 4.


Ugh, my main, private email account has been compromised.  I don’t want to get rid of it as I’m signed up everywhere important (govt sites and all) with it, and do y’all know how time consuming changing my email address at all those places is going to be?


I think I’ll do it after lunch.