My new video card won’t allow me to convert video files at super fast speeds like the old one used to…. but, I can now edit videos without Sony Vegas coming to a screaming halt on me.

I like.

I want to do some new (and longer) versions of older videos that were just Skin Deep focused, and include other Rumbelle FTL flashbacks.  But I don’t know when because I’m feeling really lazy.

My parents were invited out for lunch at the beach with my half sisters.  Did I get an invite? Noooooo.


Robert and Emilie being adorable - Comic Con 2014

Based on something I witnessed today, I have recently been unfollowed by someone because I ship their NOTP.  Fair enough, but I would like to make a comment or two about that.

First of all:  It’s your dashboard and you are in no way obligated to follow anyone you don’t want to and I fully respect that.

And second, I will always, always appropriately tag shippy and fandom posts so that you guys can blacklist what you prefer to avoid.  (as a side note, there’s a lot I don’t reblog in general because I know of friends who don’t like certain fandoms, animals, or various other kinds of posts and I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable while browsing their dashboards)

That is all.

I’m off to bed early again, g’night gingernuts :)


Peter & Sophie edits

(For Demelza it’s her own fault she posts sanrion it makes me need to edit so I hope she approves)

I’m feeling blah, so gonna go hop on my bed under a blanket or two and play some minecraft.

Hope y’all have a good day.

So I watched the first reboot of Spiderman the other night, and LOVED IT.  Is it rotten of me to have enjoyed it far more than I did the original films?



~I wanted to edit something to help cheer up & show my twinnie Demelza a.k.a. Essentialasair just how much I love her!!!!!!!!!!~

eeeee, I love them sis!!  but I love you more!!

leaper182 replied to your post: George R R Martin had something wonder…

I think the only thing that really matters about fictional characters is how deeply they affect us? How we end up examining ourselves because of their stories?

I like that!  And given most fans are affected in some way to the point they take up whatever medium inspires them the most and leads them to creativity?  That’s an outstanding outcome, and one which I think many creators these days aspire to: we want people to have a connection with our characters and worlds.  Those connections help in a great many ways, and I think personally that’s so much more important than worrying about canonical details.  (and again I’m not saying you can’t, just… have fun!)

thatlovelylydia replied to your post: George R R Martin had something wonder…

BUT at the same token, he kinda did a little bit of a below the belt (well deserved) comment toward D&D regarding Talisa/Jayne Westerling. Plus, he had ever right to pissed about the Jaime/Cersei rape nonsense

Oh granted.  Also, I wasn’t meaning to come across as dismissive to the complaints against that show itself, I was thinking about his quote in a grander “fandom” sense where fans grumble about a lot when the reality is…. it’s all just fiction.  Complain, yes, because we have as much right to complain as we do to enjoy what we’re viewing/reading, but don’t let it be world ending (which is the way I was about the Third Watch fandom back in the day).

But again, I don’t mean to infer that others should have the same viewpoint on the matter as I do.  I just thought his stance was rather enlightening.

George R R Martin had something wonderful to say relating to peoples complaints when comparing the show and his books.  He asked the question, How many children did Scarlett O’Hara have?  In the books she had three, while in the movie she only had one.  But the REAL answer relates a fantastic point to the people complaining:  She had none because she’s a fictional character.

It’s brilliant, isn’t it?  Because at the end of the day, none of the complaints in ANY fandom matter…. because it is all just fiction and none of it truly matters.

I hate the word allegedly.

Game of Thrones season 4 Blooper reel.

So I’m back to feeling sick in my stomach, and I don’t know if something caused it (i.e, the milk I had in my daily cup of coffee yesterday, or maybe the silica (corn derived *facepalm*) in the new stomach meds)…… but I feel pretty crap, on top of the cold I’ve got, so I’m headed to bed super early.  Again.