I’ve been battling nausea all day, so i’m headed to bed early.  I think an untreated migraine that I got yesterday is the cause (I’ve since taken something for it, but it usually takes until after I have a nap/sleep before it REALLY kicks in), but it could also be the food I ate yesterday.   Or it could be something I caught.  *shrugs*  Either way, I hate it, and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Goodnight Gingernuts.  Sleep well, and/or have a great day.

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Sanrion Appreciation Week

Day Two - Touch

"I promise you one thing, my lady.  I won’t ever hurt you."

One of the things I most loved about this moment is that it was Tyrion showing Sansa, with tenderness, that he would keep his vow to never hurt her - something he knew his nephew and sister had done, each in their own way.  And I think it was one of the most beautiful moments from season three, and for the development of their relationship as it progressed into the upcoming forced wedding.

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Tuesday September 30- Day Three: Colour

(n.) the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

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The other day I found this old telescope lens attachment, and thought I’d have some fun with some creative shots.  Will have to do more at other locations in the near future!

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when you have a really good idea but don’t know how to do the thing


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I’d like to introduce you guys to Tiny Tim, who was a kitten I had many years ago.  He was the runt of the litter, and unfortunately he had an a condition that couldn’t be treated.  He was small in stature - in these pictures he was four months of age, but physically he was the size of a six week old kitten. 

He would meow at me to carry him everywhere he went, only daring to venture off on his own once or twice a day.  At night he slept snuggled up under my arm, and I was truly devastated the day he had a severe seizure and the vet said we would, unfortunately, have to put him to sleep.

So, for four months his mother pretended like he didn’t exist (I’d have to physically hold her still when he was about 3 weeks old, because she wouldn’t let him feed off her otherwise), but I loved him enough for all of his nine little lives.  And then some more.

He was, without a doubt, the best little cat I ever had and I still miss him terribly even to this day.

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I had a dream about using tumblr, woke up and was apologizing for being an egg and I realized, duh, I was onoy being weird in my dream. And then I woke up and laughed at myself for being so stupid, then I jumped on tumblr to laugh at my idiocy. Then I woke up for real because one of my cats was playing with something.

I have the cold I’ve come down with to thank for that weird dreaming sesion. I always have dreams within a dream within a dream within yet another dream when I’m sick.

I also had this weird batch of dreams, one where my dream! Boyfriend’s son had found some old floppy disks from an atari. He was all, “I bet these hold like a hundred gigs of space” and I had to explain that they held less than a megabyte lol

Then I had a dream where the dream!boyfriend and I were being shot at by his brother. It was stupid weird.

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I’ll be heading over to my sister’s place in a little bit to help her sort out her computer, but later when there’s 720p links I’ll add them to my earlier post, and I’ll also share some thinky thoughts on the ep.

Let’s say for now though that I squeed a hell of a lot.  And I may have cried a couple of times.  Okay, I definitely cried.

As am I, Dear one! (yes new nickname for you :P) I got to see it and omg, the squees, the awwws, the oh nos!, and the crying… and SO MANY FEELS!

I love that nickname, thank you :)  Ahhhhhh, you saw it!  Yay!!  But yes, so many feels….. I’m hoping tomorrow won’t be as busy as past days, and now that I’ve fiiiiiinally got skype reinstalled we can chat.  We have some catching up to do.  In fact, I’m gonna shoot you a quick message!

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Ladies and gents, here we go!  Links to the premiere ep of Once Upon A Time.

Standard [Mega] [Sockshare] [Rapidgator]

Stream [Sockshare] [Vidto]

720p [uploadrocket] [hugefiles] [kingfiles]

(when using the 720p links, make sure you uncheck any boxes that ask to use a download accelerator)

Reblogging my own post to point out there’s some 720p links on there.  I added them earlier :)

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Sanrion Appreciation Week

Day One - Beginning

Apologies that this is late; this micro vid is my contribution to the first day of Sanrion Appreciation Week - focusing on the day their life began together as husband and wife.

The song is ‘Only You & I’ by Young Dubliners (from their self-titled album), and I just love it for them.

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Sanrion Appreciation Week

Day 1: Beginnings: In which Sansa proves how strong she really is and Tyrion’s admiration and respect for her only grew.

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Monday September 29th- Day Two: Touch

(v.) come so close to (an object) as to be or come into contact with it.

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shintotchi replied to your post: THAT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…


I have been in an emotional state for the past eight hours, I CAN’T PROCESS HOW I FEEEEEEEEEEELLLLL!!!!

I think I’m gonna need to rewatch it tomorrow.

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Your beloved favorites are back!

#OnceUponATime premieres TONIGHT at 8|7c on ABC!

Wait…did they leave out Hook? ABC’s promo team left out HOOK? LOL



No but….


what’s goin on at abc publicity??

Something must be going on there!!

Not only did they let Hook out, but Belle is there. 


I’m happy belle is there and hook isn’t, but the only people who got new promo pics are the actresses who play Elsa and Anna. The others are the bad ones from last year. Emma looks so out of place in her neverland outfit too.

nah, man, Emma Swan is so badass she wears tanktops in crazy magical winter. 

i feel like we need a series of these like the ones for Chuck Norris. including sarcastic ones that she is so badass she can be purchased for the low, low price of one pirate ship. 

I bet onceabc is all….. ‘I came out to have a good time, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.’

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Someone did a black and white gifset with a color in certain gifs that stood out, and they did Rumple leaning back while looking down at the magical hat and, I’m not going to lie, at first glance I thought someone had manipped a glowing pink manhood on Rumple.

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