Today I felt pretty low in spirit, but you amazing folks pulled me up and I am so grateful and thankful to you all for the kindness extended to me by you all. Thank you, so much!

Something else great, because I try to think of things to be thankful for every day…. today was officially my first full day without a migraine. I had a few instances of hearing loud noises that would usually trigger one…but nope. Nothing. May it carry on into day two!

Well, goodnight gingernuts. Sleep well or have a great day! Or both :)

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That… Is not what I expected

It’s weird…. at the exact moment I saw this post Shane had Jim pinned to the ground in TWD:

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Reblog if your Tumblr is NOT connected to your Facebook.






^reblogging again for that gif

Accurate gif is accurate

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B&W stills of Sansa looking at Tyrion.

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Screw those fabulous haters because whenever your bein hated your doing something right so let them hate on your fabulous art work u kmow we all think its awesomeness

ASKED BY Anonymous.

Bless your heart, thank you Anon!  You’re very sweet, and I’m truly touched by your words.

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I’m in a random post mood…………. so later, I’m going to do up a picture set of Rumple and Belle (not being in the RB fandom doesn’t mean I don’t get to enjoy my ship, I LOVE MY OTP!!!).  After that, I’m going to do some Sanrion posts relating to ‘When she looks at him’ because there are a lot of beautiful stills showing Sansa looking at Tyrion…. and I kid you not, yesterday I cried because of my beautiful babies.

Eventually I’ll do a screencap series of all my main OTPs with the theme of ‘When they look at each other’.  I don’t care if it’s random, my ships give me life and I’m gonna do some old school shipping.

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emerald-ayether replied to your post: Okay, so for next year’s comic con IF …

kinky——just sayin—-

Well we know who to blame for that…..

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After dinner I’ll be watching Sleepy Hollow, then I can resume spending a little time (the rest of my night) surfing my dashboard and drowning in all that is beautiful….. and by that I mean all the Sleepy Hollow and Once gifs.

And, okay…. I wasn’t going to say anything because this is really personal to me…. BUT I am feeling thankful to last night’s episode of OUAT for a very huge reason.  The fan art. There’s fanart of a certain that has me feeling PURE LAUGHTER instead of fear about a particular disney character….. and I just….. give two thumbs up to TPTB and the fans in this fandom.  Together they’ve gone and made me see the character in a different light and I never, ever, dreamed that would happen.  And I am so grateful that they did.  As low as I’ve felt today, I’ve also felt some peace…. because of the art.

So, thank you.

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I’m hearing whisperings of anon hate wednesday, or doing it in place of TMI tuesday…………. some such like that.

You know what the best kind of anon hate is?


I still vote for Wednesday because TMI Tuesday is my favorite thing ever. Also I get home earlier on Wednesdays.

Sending out pain on Wednesday sounds great…. although I get to start early because I’m a day ahead!

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I’m hearing whisperings of anon hate wednesday, or doing it in place of TMI tuesday…………. some such like that.

You know what the best kind of anon hate is?


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Okay, so for next year’s comic con IF Robert Carlyle is there and they do the whole Q&A thing, can someone please get him to say ‘Why not?  We had a deal.’

I know it’s crazy, but I have a mighty need for him to say that in his imp voice while looking like a Regular Joe.

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The 5 y/o nephew, 7 y/o niece and I just watched a video on how marbles are made, and one on how screwdrivers are made (that was a request from my niece, who cleaned up her entire classroom today without prompting and got given a small screwdriver set by her teacher as a reward).

Those videos were fun!

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My 5 y/o nephew doesn’t say “tomorrow” he says “the day after this day”.  Cute!

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Ooops, I have so many tabs open I accidentally closed my tumblr inbox although I was almost finished writing a message.  They should REALLY ask you if you want to close a tab before closing it :(

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